My First Cruise to Amsterdam!!


OK, I have to share this story with.  Mama says pack your bags we are going on a cruise OMG!!

Guys I went on my first cruise.  It was amazing! I sailed, I ate and I explored! My mum was terrified of getting sea sick, as she has suffered with it in the past.  I was dreading it happening to me.  But naaa I was fine.  The worst bit was the long coach ride from London to New Castle. Speaking of coach ride, remind me to tell you about the coach ride on the way back. That was another worst bit of my break.

Anyway once boarded, we went straight to our cabin.  Mama made me sleep on the top!!  My suitcase was packed with jumpers, Jackets anything geared towards winter clothing.  Lo & Behold the ship was actually really warm.  Oh i forgot, lemme me backtrack a bit.  After the coach ride to Newcastle we had to wait a few hours before we boarded the ship.  Soooo Mama checked us into the Holiday INN for a few hours.  This post was going to be all about my cruise, but Im going to cut if short, so you can check out the video of the supercool bathroom door.

We will do cruise talk in the next post!!

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