Simple Prom hairstyle for preteens

Hey everyone,

The end of school is coming near and the best way to celebrate your accomplishments and you leaving the school is prom! In the UK many primary schools have end of year six prom/disco which many look forward to the suspense of who is going to who and what everyone is going to wear. I am showing you guys my end of year six prom hairstyle and my makeup.This is a very plain and simple!


“Petaled afro”

*Do 4-5 cornrows but stop just before halfway on the head.You can do it straight or you can do it more diagonal for a different look.

*(Optional) Blow-dry your hair or band your hair the night before so it is stretched.

*Get 4-5 flower diamante bobby pins and put it on each cornrow.

*This is a simple 3-4 step hairstyle for any hair type or hair length


“Simply elegant”

I was only 11 when the prom was happening so therefore i didn’t have proper full face of makeup on the makeup is something simple and age appropriate

* Get gold/pink shimmery eye shadow and apply along the eye-line this brings out your eyes.

*Add some mascara

*Get nude or clear lip gloss and apply!

Put on your dress and SLAY YOUR PRETEEN PROM GIRLLL!!

Jupiter before the prom! Age:11 Year:2013
Jupiter before the prom!


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