Trump’s America Is Bad News For Blacks.


Trump’s America Is Bad News For Blacks.


Throughout the 2016 U.S. election cycle, boastful yet very arrogant Republican nominee Donald Trump has used the campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”.  But if Trump becomes the President of the United States, the country will be anything but great for blacks.


The real estate mogul’s proposed policies regarding immigration and foreign relations have been delusional and over-the-top.  He infamously made headlines last summer after declaring he would force Mexico to pay for a border wall that would help keep illegal immigrants out of the country.  In December of last year, he stated he would ban all Muslim travel to the U.S!! Who actually would stand up and say that??? Now Im not stupid, aside from my mama tell me how smart I am, my school grades tell me that too.  So I know that there are some people ignorant to think like that.   But reeeeeaaally, to actually stand on one of the most publicized podiums in the world, & say that outloud!! Shocking


His stance on diversity and relationships with immigrant groups is one of extreme xenophobia.  Aside from his irrational dislike of foreigners, his approach to foreign policy could weaken America’s partnerships with its global allies.  The results of this could be felt in trade and could even result in violent conflict.  London’s current mayor, Sadiq Khan, took office on May 9 of this year, and many voters identified with him because he’s Muslim.  But if Trump were to win the presidency and put his discriminatory policies in place, high-profile officials like Khan wouldn’t be able to enter the U.S.


But even worse than the xenophobia!! See them big words there Lol.. for those that don’t know  that means dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

or the outrageous policies he prescribes, it’s the intolerant behavior towards the black community that proves to be the most dangerous.


Just two months ago, a peaceful, black Trump protestor was sucker punched by a supporter at the candidate’s Tucson, Arizona rally.  This incident is just one of many that demonstrates the troubling attitudes of his supporters.  Trump openly encourages his event security teams to have people who are opposed to  his party ethic removed.  His fans use racial slurs and violence to show their disdain for immigrants and black people.  When Trump repeatedly shouts that he wants to make America great again, one can’t help but think that means a version of America with less diversity.


After Bernie Sanders allowed Black Lives Matter protestors to interrupt one of his August rallies, Trump openly criticized him for allowing it happen.  He then insinuated that his supporters would never allow it to happen.  Without openly stating it, he was denouncing the importance and credibility of Black Lives Matter.  And it’s that behavior that provides a window into the kind of world Americans will be living in if Trump ends up in The White House.  Does anyone want to join me in celebrating the fact that Obama invited so many people to revel in The White House.  Queen B, Jay Z,  Virginia McLaurin, 106 years old celebrated her birthday in The White House.



America is often referred to as the land of opportunity.  It is opportunity built on the backs of my ancestors.  So the very least that can be done is acknowledge Black Lives Matter, as if there weren’t no Black Lives, there would be no America as is today ..period!!! I digress…


America is considered the land of Opportunity today largely due to the fact that people of any background or ethnicity can establish a life there.  Cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles are incredible melting pots that represent hope and possibility for people all over the world.


If Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States, the country will become one in which black lives do not matter.  It’ll be a country where police brutality not only continues against blacks but will be encouraged.  It’ll become a country that’s so self-involved and so unaware of global events, it will be virtually impossible to maintain positive relationships with any other nation.  America will become a country that takes ten steps back into its racist and divisive history considering any  is considered the ‘LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD’ that’s not a version of America that anyone should have to live in.


Sound off below on your thoughts of any future with Trump.  Please keep it clean and respectful to my page….


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